Man Food

My favorite cookbook since becoming a wife is a book called “Mad Hungry” – it’s written by Martha Stewart’s Food Director and to my liking, is not impossibly girly and overwhelmingly colorful.  It looks like a Man Book and is full of Man Food.  Check out her blog:

For all you ladies out there, please realize that when you get hitched, your budget increases a couple hundred bucks in the food department.  Men don’t just eat chips and salsa and a salad… they want MEAT.

For my hubby’s birthday, we tried out a cute place in Los Feliz (thank God I wore my Rayban glasses… it’s impossibly hipster over there) called “The Alcove”.  We ordered the Meat Lover’s Omelette, as you do when you’re married to a Mad Hungry, Man Food husband.  The thing literally had a NY Strip on top.

Deliciouso.  Highly Recommend.


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