Why I love Lisa Ling

For starters, I loved Channel One.  Something about journalism has always appealed to me.  My love for human interest stories stems from my love for people, writing, and drinking in a moment.

Thanks to Channel One, I love Lisa Ling.  She was a woman – a young woman – and a minority.  She is professional, outspoken and funny.

Besides her platform, not much has changed.  I do not agree with all of her values, but her covering everything from gangs, to human trafficking, to helping rescue her sister from a no forgiveness, no appeal 12 year sentence in North Korea, her bravery is to be acknowledged, and in my case, admired.  Read more about what she’s currently into on her website:  www.lisaling.com

PS Lisa Ling also inspired us eighth grade student council officers to produce our own version of “Channel One”.  Aside from the reading of our daily lunch menu and a different student reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every day, it wasn’t half bad.