Abercrombie Christmas in Photos

Okay, so this one of us is from 2010 (we’re newly engaged… my hair needs some help).  We saw it for the first time in 2011 and since the stairs look the same we’re posting it.  The Abercrombie home is stunning at Christmas…. literally breathtaking, with trees in double digits and family filling the house with love.  We had to show you… And can’t wait for you to see the snow.

15 Footer in the Foyer:

Fishing Tree in Dr. Abercrombie’s Study:

Rotating Tree in Parent’s Bedroom:

Coca-Cola Tree in the Dining Room:

Family Tree in the Living Room (Homemade & Kid’s Ornaments):

Guest Bedroom Tree:

All the Kids Bedroom Trees (Cody’s is the hideous fiber optic tree):

Patriotic Tree in the Upstairs Hallway:

Three Trees in the Window:

Dr. Suess Tree in the Living Room:

White Christmas in Texas:

Artwork by Todd Abercrombie:

Cody’s Favorite Discovery at Wal-Mart:

Gram and Pop with all the Great Grandbabies:

Uncle Dale finished the story of Christmas by singing Jesus Happy Birthday:

We love Christmas.  We love you.


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  • This is so beautiful it makes me fuclemped
    (sp?). I am so happy that this is your Christmas visiting the in-laws filled w love experience.

    Also, the pair of you look like a dentist add in the bottom photo. Mr. Abers and Mr. Burelson would be proud.

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