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I am so proud of to be part of an outreach ministry that has spent time on the ground in Africa. Our team works with Watoto to rebuild lives and raise up the next generation to lead differently than the powers in place. I can’t wait to go with them so they can teach me everything they know!

I love the world we live in and this video inspires us all to dream bigger and to remember that together, we can make a difference. We can stop tyrant murderers like Joseph Kony. Engaging our celebrities, business leaders, athletes and policy makers while empowering everyday, ordinary people like you and me, can radically change the world.

We believe this for LA. We believe this for Earth. Justice will reign.

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Hey there fellow truth-teller, welcome to our community. I'm so glad you're here. I love to help people take their mask off and tell the truth, and I believe the world needs what you have to give. I write books and blogs, live in Harlem, New York, with my hubby, and two rambunctious boys.


  • I love that this blog is about the outreach leaders we know and serve alongside of – they do such amazing hands on work and I’m so thankful to learn from them and YOU!

    While I appreciate the attention this video has drawn to what was a horrible situation, this is recycled news from years ago and borders on exploitation. A treaty was put in place to significantly lower the violence. Kony hasn’t been active in Uganda since 2006. Invisible Children has admitted publicly to only using 31% of the funds it receives to help anyone. Of that 31% they give money to the Ugandan Army to intercede – that army has thousands of documented accusations of rape and looting against them. The remaining 69% goes directly into their production company which produces features films that have nothing to do with outreach. It’s a business with a non profit lean – which I would commend if it were functioning as a business and not a charity. This video breaks my heart for all the wrong reasons and it’s bothered me since I saw it start to spread like wildfire.

    A friend and hero of mine made a video about The Congo and Uganda – refugees and the war they’re trying to escape and the atrocities they face in doing so. I pray for justice, I pray for attention to these needs and I pray for the wisdom to discern legitimate action from gilded, profitable concern. I just wish all of those things were easier to come by.

    Give Me Shelter Campaign Video:

    Again, I’m thankful that this blog is really about the people in our lives who empower us to go out and make a difference in this world and I’m thankful that this video, no matter how misguiding it may be, will serve to inspire people to get involved in a cause. And I’m crazy hungry to get to Africa myself! Love you and thank you for sharing that big heart and incredible wisdom.

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