How do I get a Mentor?

The Mentoring Project is a white house initiative that our friend John Sowers leads. The White House (yes, the White House), recently named him a “Champion of Change” because of his pursuit of justice and refuge for the fatherless in our nation. He’s doing a great work and we admire him!

Ed Eason, a guitarist in the Carrie Underwood band, gives away tickets in every city to people who are caring for the next generation. John reached out to Cody and I and offered us four seats on the floor and a chance for the kids to go backstage with Ed. We were blown away with the opportunity and very excited to take two of the kids in our world, Natalie and Sebastian. These amazing kids serve in outreach with us, in Kid Creative, our Oasis Mentorship Program (shout out to Gio Adams & Drummy Dave!), and are being raised by their incredible mom, Kelly Corrales. We love spending time with this family and cannot wait to see how these little ones will change the world!

You know, rarely does a week pass without someone asking, “How do I get a mentor?” followed by the less asked, but a close second “Will you be my mentor?” I am not even sure we know what we mean when we ask for a mentor and sometimes, I think we want a Yoda… and sometimes I think we want someone to listen to us for hours over coffee or be the parent we never had… and eventually, as we grow and change, as we walk in humility, we become someone who is able to serve and listen, without expectation or ego, and soak up the wisdom and life experience of the one a little further on the journey.

Getting a mentor is pretty simple – read books, listen to great teaching, study history’s heroes in the field of our desired expertise… and finally, serve. There are several older women in my life who I just showed up for – made meals, baby sat kids, filed paperwork – sometimes without a conversation between us. I cannot say in words how my life has changed from making myself consistently available to actually be a blessing.

Now that I am a little older, I wish more of us were brave enough to ask, “Who can I mentor?” We can focus on what we need so much that we miss the needs right in front of us. In the area of our need, if we are able to sow a seed, we will reap more than we ever imagined we wanted or needed. And if we are willing to actively contribute into the lives of those we want to learn from, we will find ourselves in position to be mentored. I’ve learned more through service alongside those sharper and wiser me, than I ever have over a coffee. The next generation needs us… and we need them.

Thank you John, Ed, and Kelly for allowing us the privilege and honor of loving Sebastian and Natalie! Check out how much fun these two had…

Perfect Photo Op

Tic Tac Toe with Cody before Mac n’ Cheese

Doors are about to open!

Learning about guitars from Ed

Just chillin’ on the tour bus… No big deal 🙂

The night I became a serious Carrie Underwood fan! The girl has PIPES!

We took turns holding this amazing young woman so she could see.

Loud concerts are exhausting for strapping young men like Sebastian!

Stunning set… And she killed Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion”!

Interviewing Ed after the show. Nice boots Natalie!

We seriously love Ed. He is a humble legend!

History Makers. World Changers. God Dreamers. Next Generation.


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  • Let me first say, THANK YOU. It is also our honor and privilege to have you and Cody in our lives. This night meant a lot to my kids. As I saw you drive away, I said “God, thank you…thank you for placing my kids and I at Oasis. Thank you for giving us an extended loving, caring and nurturing family”. That was the first time that my kids went somewhere together without me. I knew they were in great hands! I never knew how important a Mentorship program could be, till Sebatian became part of the one we currently have at Oasis. He looks forward to it each time. To see the look in my son’s eyes when he’s riding in the car with his Mentor, is so absolutely rewarding to me! That look of pure JOY. As a single mom, I value and appreciate any Mentor out there. To take time out of your own personal life to pour into another’s life is a blessing, especially to the fatherless children. Thank you John Sowers for who you are!! God Bless…

  • Beautiful and well stated, Ash. What an amazing opportunity we all have to be blessings to those coming up behind us and to those ahead of us. Thankful for programs like this and people like you who genuinely strive to make a difference in the lives of others. Love you so much!


  • Ash and Cody, I just ran across this. Very nice site. The photos made me smile. What a fun night with fun people. Love what you guys are doing! Look forward to hanging again soon.

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