Why I will Never Vote for Trump

I rarely post anything political. I watch debates, read articles, engage in the issues, and I keep it to myself. I’ll share with close friends, or kindly with anyone asking, but politics tend to polarize people, and that’s not my vibe.

I don’t like beliefs to be a barrier for relationship; I believe in mutual respect and an adequate amount of space for one another’s history and context. In our home, we are comfortable not agreeing all the time and we do not believe unity means conformity. We’re not afraid of different schools of thought, and we value reading a breadth of authors, avoiding a “camp” mentality, and to the best of our ability, we seek to understand people before we judge them. We believe that we can disagree and remain close and in reciprocal community through laughing, eating, and spending time learning each other. Personally, when it comes to civic responsibility, I base my beliefs on my personal values and convictions. At the same time, it’s important for me to share that I do not hold the legal system to my personal or biblical standards. I do my best to vote based on the issue and the person, and not remain loyal to a party against better judgment.

While I will speak out on systemic issues like mass incarceration, women’s rights, gun control, and inequities in our communities, particularly education and economics, I do my best not to speak out against a person. I am convinced that we’re all so jacked up, that at the end of the day, it’s silly to spend our time shaming and criticizing each other. But this election has pressed me over my line in the sand to keep my political views to myself, because the thought of Trump becoming president makes me sick to my stomach.

I cannot believe that a man who talks about his genitalia during a national debate, who calls people names like he is a bully in school, who has people of color removed from his debates (a group of students standing in silence, a teenage girl who was not there to protest) is running for president of the United States. I knew reality tv would have devastating affects on our society, but I never imagined it would pave a way for people to allow entertainment to persuade their choices, over facts, reason and basic human welfare.

Trump is a shrewd business man (even owns a strip club or two) and his primary concern appears to be making money, particularly through entertainment. At his side, is his third wife, and due to all her modeling photos, I had to suspend my judgment long enough to discover that she is an immigrant herself (interesting, given Trump’s anti-immigrant soapbox, and her support of his position), is educated and well traveled. When The New York Times asked her what her role would be if Trump were to become president, Melania replied: “I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.”

Certainly, that is her right; however, the day after International Women’s Day, can I offer that women have overcome too many significant obstacles for us to return to the trophy wife days. Perhaps that is not her intention. Regardless, how can we perpetuate the societal infrastructure that encourages men to value us for what we look like, that fosters a cultural expectation for our minds to be empty, our mouths to be silent and our bodies to be objects? Even in 2016, there are men who want us to “get back in our place”, just like they want immigrants and black presidents and anyone else who seems to disrupt their preferred order of race, status and gender. As an American, I am embarrassed to say that I believe this is part of the appeal of Trump’s campaign. He’s anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-poor, anti-marginalized, and he speaks to those folks who are afraid of the America that is emerging, which is diverse in culture and ethnicity.

Since this election season began, the KKK has begun to meet openly in parks for their meetings. (Someone help me understand how a hate group like this can meet publicly?) Three people were stabbed at a rally here in Anaheim. With David Duke openly backing him, among others, we can see that he attracts people filled with hate, and especially white supremacists. His campaign is exposing the racism we knew already existed in our communities. Trump embarrasses me. He lies constantly, and while I don’t disagree that we need someone who is not owned by the government or the tiny minority that control it, Trump is absolutely not the one to take them on. He does not have the character, the tact or the reputation to represent us globally. He is a pawn and a puppet. While his campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again”, what capitalist has ever done that?

The marginalized, whether in the hood, the trailer park or in the dwindling middle class, will all have a difficult time under his watch. By the way, I never understood why poor, but racist white people feel they will fare better under a person like Trump. Maybe he won’t kill them in a purge, but economically, they will be no better off under his brand of capitalism.

I keep trying to picture the white house with Trump inside. Can you imagine him making fun of women in cabinet meetings, calling them ugly and stupid, because they disagree with him? Can you imagine how he will treat members of the White House staff? Or how he will behave in a televised global policy meeting? Can you understand the devastating impact on our country, of a person who is intolerant of other cultures? And since the GOP won’t trust Obama to appoint a supreme court justice (someone smarter than me, help understand, again), can you imagine Trump deciding who will serve, especially given the current state of our criminal justice system and the impact of mass incarceration?

I cannot in good conscience even consider voting for Trump nor do I believe that he could be trusted to lead our country. I am watching, wide-eyed, in disbelief, as our politicians work hard at entertaining people, rather than working hard at realistic strategies for serving and governing a nation filled with potential and a prominent voice in the free world.

Friend, I don’t know what in the Sam Hill is happening, but I am hopeful that we the people, can use our thinkers to think and our knowers to know, and that we learn to return to one another. We’re better than this America.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa


Hey there fellow truth-teller, welcome to our community. I'm so glad you're here. I love to help people take their mask off and tell the truth, and I believe the world needs what you have to give. I write books and blogs, live in Harlem, New York, with my hubby, and two rambunctious boys.


  • It is definitely difficult to be a person of faith and be outspoken about political views without risking alienating someone or someone’s judgment of your faith being linked to your political choices.

    But sometimes…. Ya just gotta tell it like it is. Glad you did!!

  • Soooooo good!!! Well said friend! How about you run for president! Not kidding so serious! Love you!! The only person I have seen that is morally sound is a quiet warrior for God and that is Ben Carson. I am sad he is not doing better. We need some one not in politics for a real change.

  • Thank you, Ashley, for taking the time and having the courage to express what so many of us are feeling.
    Well said!

  • Loved it and love you so much for your honesty and love for people! 😘

  • Just speaking TRUTH like a boss my friend! Love you, love your thinker 🙂 and love that you are not afraid to speak when God asks you to. Proud to be your friend 🙂

  • Agree 100%! The piece I never thought about was the possible “side effect” of reality TV. Right on, and sad.

  • I’ve always loved you’re writing and I’m so glad to see you using it like this. The reality TV bit was something I was just sharing with my friends and I love the startling reality of your simple excersize of imagining this man actually in the job he’s working towards.

  • You hit the nail squarely on the head! This is truth talk! So happy for people like you who are not afraid to swim against the tide. That’s what we need more of in this country. Not people who will blindly follow whatever happens to be popular at the moment. This deal with Trump is a sad state of affairs.

  • Wow! My thoughts exactly. I am beyond disbelief of the whole political arena right now. I am so discourage by my fellow Americans ,but hopeful too, because just as many are rising up to point out the ugliness that being displayed. So many people have lost their minds that they can’t see how embarrassing this whole deal is.

  • I just gave you a virtual hug! The notion that America will be great again under a Trump presidency is an oxymoron. It is not gong to happen. At least not in this lifetime unless God performs a parting of the red sea kind of miracle. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your voice is a powerful instrument. It conveys your message of love, justice and tolerance in a profound and heartfelt way that beckons us to listen and engage. Please continue to raise your voice for honesty and truth. Continue to be a voice for the voiceless and underdog. In the words of Mahatma Ghandi “truth never damages a cause that is just.”.

  • Ashley, it was lovely to meet you today in church. Second, I am a little obsessed with your blog now. LOL. I must confess that this was very brave of you. I am originally from Alabama and I am DEFINITELY in the minority in my beliefs about Trump and this election. It is a breath of fresh air to hear a pastor write about what has been on my heart. I have been accused of not being Christian enough because of my views and it has truly discouraged me. In fact, I cried about it. It’s hard to be different. It’s hard to be brave. My friends here in NYC get me and get it but back home I am considered very strange. I think it has created rifts in our relationships. Your blog and Andi’s message were so on point for me today. Anywho, I just wanted to thank you for speaking to me today and also for writing this wonderful blog because both encouraged me. God bless, sister.

    • Oh Holly, so wonderful to connect with you today! Thank you for being with us! And yes, courage is required for these days we are living in friend! Thank you for taking the time to read and encourage me. 🙂

  • As a believer in Christ, there is no way that I can vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I am thankful that there is a true believer running in the Constitution Party that I can cast my vote for without feeling as though I’m voting for a follower of the enemy.

    • Thank you for sharing Venus – indeed, this year is incredibly tough on every side! It’s been difficult to watch every step. Thank you for engaging, and voting, and taking time to read and comment here!

    • Oh sister, how I wish I had an answer for you! Ultimately, that’s the choice we each must make. I have wrestled, and struggled, and ached for this season! But I do know whether we choose Republican, Democrat, or third party, or even write in a candidate, our voice matters, and it’s important that we vote. Praying for you sister!

  • Not a perfect man by any means, but God used many imperfect men ….Christians being lazy about the reality of elections and voting is why we’re where we are with abortion and moral disintegration along with loss of religious freedom. This year not voting is voting for Hillary and that means certain further sinking. God wants us to choose the leader who has the best chance of making a difference…..and saving more babies. Social justice is made up, Real justice is Gods justice. We cant afford to expect perfection. We have to vote for Trump . And trust God to do work through him.

    • Hi Katy – thank you for reading and sharing your convictions. I do believe civic engagement is critical for us as well, and social justice is my field, so I don’t think it’s make believe by any means, but I do agree that God is the only perfect justice, and He is love and He is sovereign over all. None of the candidates are perfect, that’s for sure, and I am thankful we can each vote our convictions. You and I share the same Father, and He is good, and faithful throughout history to further His kingdom, no matter the political climate. I’m thankful you are my sister in Christ.

  • I have to respectfully disagree with you. You stated that Trump is anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-poor, ect., Those statements aren’t facts. They are put out by the ever so corrupt secular news media. Before accusing someone, state facts, not opinions. It distorts truth.
    By not voting for Trump, you are voting for someone who believes in killing unborn children. ( proven) By not voting for Trump, you are putting someone in the White House who is a liar, ( proven) takes money from countries that believe in Sharia law, ( proven and not good for women) has such a history of corruption and injustices, ( proven) would appoint men and women to the Supreme Court who believe and think like she does, which in fact would change the course of our laws and our country SO negatively. She continued to support her husband who has a history of womanizing, raping and groping women. (And who still admits to nothing, even when it’s all proven.) And on and on and on I could go. Is Trump perfect? No. He admits the fact! Don’t you think he knew all that stuff about him would be made public when he decided to run for president? But he did it anyway! Could it be that he had a higher calling than what our limited eyes can see? ( and yes, he has a very flawed past, so do I. Do you?)
    Here’s a thought. Maybe, just maybe his ” heart” is in the right place. I think he’s just like you and me-flawed. But thank God, that God looks at our hearts, and just like Soloman, the biggest womanizer ever, and David, a murderer and a liar, and a womanizer, God saw something in them that others couldn’t see and despite their flaws, he used them just like he uses you and me despite ours. May I suggest that perhaps your being a little too self righteous to see the big picture that maybe God is really using this man to answer many heartfelt intercessory prayers to help bring our country back to Himself? Afterall, He does use the foolish things of the world to confound the ” wise”. ( Thank you for allowing me to comment!)

    • Thank you Suzanne for sharing your heart and your convictions. You are my sister in Christ, and regardless of our political choices, we share the same Father. And He is the one I ultimately trust. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  • PLEASE NO!! Because Christians would not vote for a Mormon (Romney), Obama won and he commenced an unabashed war against our First Amendment rights and the traditional family. Hence now it is the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) that is at stake here and unless Trump wins, Hillary will continue the dire direction of our country with her MANY liberal SCOTUS appointments, socialistic agenda, anti-family, and anti-faith policies and destroy everything our country was founded upon and everything Christians hold dear. Only a Republican presidency can stop this!! PLEASE stop the Trump bashing (yes he is a VERY imperfect man), PLEASE realize the terrible damage Hillary’s agenda will do and PLEASE encourage Christians to vote to stop this!! Sincerely, Loren Loving (attorney, former Ohio senate candidate, & single devoted mom).

    • Thank you Loren for sharing your thoughts! I am so thankful we live in a country where we can vote our convictions. I appreciate your passion, and I share a burden with you, for this season of our country. Ultimately, our God is sovereign and He is who we serve. Sending you lots of love.

  • Thank you so much for writing this!!!! As a believer I am surrounded by people who blindly follow Trump because he is the obvious choice. Republican and anti abortion. Although I am obviously against abortion, I believe Jesus is the ultimate source in dealing with that issue.
    Trump has continued to embarrass this country with his continued ignorance and hatred filled speeches. I felt so alone , questioning how this could be ok?! So when I came across your post this morning , I cannot tell you how much it made me feel like , ok I’m not crazy!! Thanks for giving ithis a voice.

  • From one Abercrombie to another, I hope you will seriously consider and pray about the truth stated in the last few comments and why it became so difficult to support your on position. Your “never” position reminds me of the story of Jonah for some strange reason! I wonder why?

    May God Bless and Keep you in His Will!.

    • Oh Paw Paw, I love you so much, and am so grateful God placed me in the Abercrombie family! I’m also thankful we live in a country where we can each vote our convictions and conscious. I have labored in prayer this entire year, and I stand by mine. Whatever the outcome, I know it will not surprise God, and that His Kingdom will continue to flourish. I love you so!

  • Hi Ashley! Thank you for writing this and giving me a perspective of what your feeling as a pastor and christian watching all this unfold. Let me introduce myself. My name is Joshua, I am a christian living in Southern California. I attend Calvary chapel chino hills. I think that your perspective has matched mine until maybe about a week ago. I have had a hard time figuring out who to vote for. I believe that God will hold us accountable for what we do including who we vote for. I think it comes down to a few things. What the stance is on abortion, their stance with God’s people (Israel), and also if they support a biblical definition of marriage. Looking at he GOP and DNC political platforms I have to side with the republican candidate.
    But I see trumps flaws. He is a womanizer, he saying foolish things all the time and has a horrible temper. Until a week ago I didn’t know if I could bring myself to vote for Him. I worry he will send us into world war three. He is no saint needless to say. The stripclubs and the way he treats woman is just plain wrong. But speaking of cons I can’t imagine voting for Hilary either. The lies are one thing, but what was lied about is another. I feel we are fighting an ideology. One that has taken over academia and the media. One that threatens to stop our ability to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and share biblical truth. That is the worst tragedy. I understand christian may have liberal world views. Heck some of my friends are liberal Christians. And I think thats okay. I don’t want to be a republican or a democrat. I want to be a follower of Christ.
    I love my country and I am sure you do too. I don’t like Trump. But as a Hispanic/Japanese American, christian man, I will be voting for him Election Day. All the while with fasting and praying that God will be in control of Him like king Cyprus or Nebuchadnezzar. They aren’t perfect men but God saw fit to use them. Trump recently allowed Trump tower to have christian radio preached to New York City. Vice President pence is a true believer in Christ. Trump wants to allow Christians to be able to continue to have religious freedom. I wish Christ was running for president. But He is King. King of Kings. I want the government to look most like Christ. And if trump will allow us to continue to be salt and light in this world then that is want we as christian need to do. It’s our job to be a moral compass. But how can we do that if we are silenced? My hope like your is in Christ. I understand your conviction. But I urge you to use your influence in a way that will best serve Christ. Maybe that’s voting for Trump. Regardless you are a sister in Christ. All I know is I have to do what is going to win more souls to Christ. I have to look beyond my emotions. And last the liberal media’s biases. God bless you sister! Let’s keep praying for who ever is elected to run this country.

    • Hi Joshua! Thank you for sharing your convictions with such kindness! I am thankful we live in a democracy, where we can vote, and vote our conscious. God bless you – I am so glad we share the same Father, and are on the same team :).

  • Could not agree with this post more. I wish more people knew about Even McMullen! He’s a solid choice. I am with you in that I CANNOT vote for Trump. But instead of not voting at all, I’ll be voting third party this year – for Evan mcMullen. Thank you for speaking up.

  • A vote for McMullen is a vote for Hillary. If we don’t stop Hillary her Supreme Court appointments will ensure our country becomes a communist state.

  • But please think…if Hillary is not stopped her Supreme Court appointments will ensure a communist state and the end of everything that all Christians hold dear.

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