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Growing up in the South, I watched the women in my life do “a little truth-telling.” The older I get, the more I realize that old-fashioned truth-telling, seasoned with sweet grace, makes relationships richer, normalizes our shared human experience and empowers us to live freely and fully.

Ashley Abercrombie fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole and free woman (most days). She wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old, and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. She has been in urban, multicultural, racially diverse ministry for more than 15 years, leading people and teaching and preaching at Bible studies, classes, schools, small groups, and Sunday services.

She has an unrelenting passion for justice, particularly anti-human trafficking and mass incarceration initiatives, and served the city of Los Angeles for seven years, winning commendations from the LAPD and Los Angeles Mayor’s office, before transitioning to Manhattan to pastor at Liberty Church, Downtown, alongside her husband, Cody. Ashley is an Executive Board Member of Treasures, a non-profit that reaches and supports women in the sex industry and victims of sexual exploitation, while training leaders globally.

Ashley is a blogger and a writer, featured in many magazines and digital outlets, including Darling, Relevant and Grit and Virtue. Her YouVersion Bible study, Finding God in the Hard Places, has been completed by over 200,000 people. Her first book will be released in the Fall of 2019, with Baker Books. Alongside fellow author and speaker, Tiffany Bluhm, Ashley is the co-host for the hilarious and helpful podcast Why Tho, which debuted at #57 on the iTunes Religion & Spirituality charts.

The Abercrombies are nearly brain dead from sleep deprivation, but love their life, raising two incredible sons, Levi and Lucas, in their beautiful neighborhood in Harlem, New York. 


  • Thank you for your Devotional Finding God in Hard Places. Sharing your experiences with others is a great ministry. Todays Devotion covering Matthew 13-32-33 states how we need to spread and share Gods word with others.
    Is there a way to receive copies of this devotional, “Finding God in HARD Places” for members of my church. My email address is cawoodridge@gmail.com .
    Do you speak at churches Freedom church is located in Porum Landing, Oklahoma. If it is possible please let us know.
    thank you,
    Rev. Charles A. Woodridge MD, M.Divinity

  • Hello. I’m a new follower of yours and I just had to end my night in saying what a joy it has been this week to study Finding God in Hard Places. It has been my favorite plan! I literally can’t wait to settle down at night to read before bed. Thank you so much for helping me. You taught me the importance of God and having Him in my life. God healed me after I prayed for a healing…moments after I practiced one of your exercises to communicate with our Father. He healed my body just like that. I would be a fool to let this night end without reaching out to thank you! Thank you for the bridge back to God. My life has been hard for over 20 years. (I’m 30 years old.). I’ve been grieving and lost for 3 years. My 16 month old daughter passed and life hasn’t been the same. You gave me hope and a way out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you and your beautiful family.

    • Oh Chana, I literally just wept reading this! Thank you for sharing with me – I prayed that the Lord would touch and heal and restore lives through this devotional, and I am so glad that we can get past our past together. I will be praying for you, and continuing to believe God to strengthen and heal and give you courage to go forward. You have a purpose and a future ahead of you, and I am full of hope for God’s movement in your life. You’re not alone, and I sure do wish we could share a meal, and hug each other. 🙂

  • I am loving Finding God in Hard Places… is there a book?? If so, how and where can I order it? Dottie Pitts.

    • Oh Dottie, I wish it was! I’m working on a book now, and I can’t wait to finish it and share it with you. Thank you for reading the devotional – it’s my honor to journey with you!

      • Wow! God is good. The bible study group I had been with for the past 5 years recently dispersed. I feel like I’ve been grieving for that group, there’s a significant hole there for sure. I had been praying but not very intentionally about this. I decided I would start looking for inspiration and started with my bible app & that’s where I found you! Finding God in hard places has been AWESOME!! I am now intentionally praying & looking for a group to study with. Meanwhile trying to do some studying on my own. Thank you, thank you! Denise

  • I just finished the plan Finding God in Hard Places and it was so encouraging. Right now I’m going through one of the hardest times in my life and I really apprieciated the devotionals. They were very fun to read. Thank you.

    • I am so thankful it was helpful to you Mayson! And I am sorry for what you are going through. I’ve been there – you’re not alone. So glad you stopped by!

  • Wow! God is good. The bible study group I had been with for the past 5 years recently dispersed. I feel like I’ve been grieving for that group, there’s a significant hole there for sure. I had been praying but not very intentionally about this. I decided I would start looking for inspiration and started with my bible app & that’s where I found you! Finding God in hard places has been AWESOME!! I am now intentionally praying & looking for a group to study with. Meanwhile trying to do some studying on my own. Thank you, thank you! Denise

  • My family and I have been completely under attack for the past 3 months. I am a year into my doctoral program and spent the past 16 years serving as a therapist for the underserved and lost. I thought life was good, and then it crashed. God is still blessing us and providing but the heartache is debilitating. My beautiful and talented 15 year old daughter attempted suicide over the stress in our family, my son has been imprisoned for something he didn’t do (not convicted)…a heinous accusation from his new wife. My husband just finished his masters in theology and is desperate to serve and be in minstery but the enemy keeps throwing up barriers, my mother passed away from cancer, my father gave his life to Christ at the age of 74 (that’s a mira c ulous blessing)…the list goes on. Your devotional met me where I needed it most. God used it to show me a deeper level of surrender. MY walls are years entrenched around trust, my vices are less about coping skills and more about instinctual reactions built out of surviving instead of thriving with Jesus. Thank you for being open to God and trusting him. Your desire to submit allowed his light to shine into some of the dark places in my heart and life. I needed a reality check reminding me that I can’t fight my battles better than God. KEEP writing, keep sharing, keep pursuing his voice and call on you’re life. I am blessed because of your choice to follow him.

  • I want to thank you for your devotional reading on finding God in the hard places. I have only recently (this last year) began my journey with Christ, and what you wrote has only led me closer. You have encouraged me in ways I didn’t think possible and strengthened my relationship with God further and further. I just wanted to thank you and bless you dearly. You have become part of my testimony and for that I am forever grateful. I wish you all the best.

    • Thank you for allowing me the privilege of walking with you on your journey – It’s a great honor. This was such an incredible encouragement to me! Thank you for stopping by!

  • New follower here! My brother-in-law, Augie told me to check you out as my sister and I co-blog together and he thought I would love your personality and the way you write. Annndddd he was very right haha I love your way of speaking truth but with grace and love! It’s something we strive for on our blog. I think today’s culture has a way of avoiding the difficult truths that we need to hear. I love that you tackle this issue! Been reading for a few weeks and I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for being obedient to our Father and writing these words ❤

    • This made my heart so happy! Thank you for sharing – Augie is seriously one of our favorite humans of all time. I am going to check out your blog. So glad we’re in this together!

  • Ash – I came across your YouVersion devotional and I absolutely fell in love with the way you think and write! Ever since then I’ve been looking for a book you’ve written, or something more to read that you’ve done, and FINALLY found your blog! I look forward to browsing around and learning more about you and seeing what else you have to say! It’s like you are in my brain and have the same train of thoughts as me. So thankful for you! God bless!

  • God is speaking through you. Keep going! You are quite an inspiration! I’m reading through your devotional “Finding God in the Hard Places” and it is remarkably honest, relatable, and useful. I look forward to reading more 🙂

  • Thankful for authentic beauties like you, Ash. Just finished your devotional, “Finding God in the Hard Places.” It’s probably one of those I’ll want to come back to again and again just to remind myself of the principles of being completely surrendered to the Lord. Reading through some of the other comments, it’s apparent God is doing (and will do) mighty things through your and your family. Please know you are inspiring others, so be encouraged! And thanks for encouraging me! 😉

    • You are so kind! Thank you Amber for taking the time to visit and share this with me! Bless you as you continue on your journey with Christ. Sending you lots of love!

  • I have just finished Finding God in the Hard Places and i loved it! It read so “normal”, very relatable and practical in my journey with God.
    Thank you!

    Do you have any more devotionals?


    • Thank you Miriam! So thankful to be part of your journey!

  • Ashley,
    We have just gone through Hurricane Florence here in the coast of North Carolina.
    My mother has been flooded now for the 6th time. This time being the worst. There are 5 of us living in my little 900 square foot home. There is so much loss and destruction every where we look.
    Mama and I started your devotional “Finding God in the Hard Places” a few days after the storm. Thank you for writing it. It has been a lifeline for us in the midst of such devastation. I am a Worship Pastor and today I am leaving with a group of 15, some who have lost homes and businesses to come to NYC for the Brooklyn Tabernacle Music Conference that we worked all year long to fund. We will be refreshed and restored at the conference but I want to thank for refreshing and encouraging me personally in this awful time. And who knows, maybe we will run into each other this weekend. Nothing is impossible with God.
    ; )
    Tajuana Guthrie Hill
    Worship Pastor
    Glad Tidings Church
    Morehead City NC.

    • Oh dear sister, I don’t even know how you are still standing, but you are, and I am thanking God for that. I am so glad you are coming into NY this weekend – would you be open to emailing me? We also have our women’s conference this weekend, but if there is a way to come and hug your neck, I would like to try! Thank you for sharing! I am so blessed to be part of your journey. Here’s my email: Mrsashleyabercrombie@gmail.com

  • Hi Ashley congrats on getting through all the struggles you have had in your life. I just started reading finding God in hard places.I think outkast or any cd with foul language should not be appropriate to a christian though . I think that’s sending a wrong message . Have a great Christmas!!

    • Hi Tony! Thank you for sharing! I still love Outkast, but I absolutely hear what you are saying. I think that’s so true about many things, from the shows and films we watch (Game of Thrones, and many other things that people of faith choose to watch), to video games, to novels. I love what the Apostle Paul says, that all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. I think we each have to figure out what is best for our heart, soul and mind. Thank you for reading, for sharing, and for your encouragement! Happy Christmas 🙂

  • Dear Mrs. Abercrombie, I have only just started your YouVersion Bible plan “Finding God in the Change: Fight Fear, Failure, and Fatigue,” and I have already been touched by your words. You are succinct, genuine, and impactful, and I am so grateful to have found this plan. Thank you for your wonderful writing and godly advice. Sincerely, a to-be college student on the brink of an nervous meltdown.

    • I love this Chloe! So proud of you for taking this huge step into the next season, and I am praying for you! Trusting that God will guide you, and keep you, as you trust Him. Listen to your gut, make great friends, have fun, and avoid the wild life (from personal experience, not worth it ;). Sending you love – ashley

  • Hi there I just found you on the Bible app and I’m doing your study on there and wanted to know do you accept private messages?

  • Hi Ashley!
    I have a 17 year old daughter (Niña) who has connected with your devotional on Youversion (I’ve been sharing it with her in the mornings) and today she asked to read it herself and then expressed concern that it’s only 7 days in length. Do you have any other plans she can read?
    Also, I’d love to share our journey with you privately as I ask for your prayers.

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