About Ash


Growing up in the South, I watched the women in my life do “a little truth-telling.” The older I get, the more I realize that old-fashioned truth-telling, seasoned with sweet grace, makes relationships richer, normalizes our shared human experience and empowers us to live freely and fully.

Eugene Peterson said, “You write because there’s fire in your bones. You’ve got to do this whether anybody ever reads it or not.” I started writing this blog, when nobody was reading. I have been writing since I was a little girl. My first little novel was in the fourth grade and won a little award in the state of North Carolina. Writing eases my suffering, and reminds me that I am not alone.

I’ve got one hell of a past, my dear friend, and it gives me great content. How about you? Have you had a colorful upbringing? Well, I believe that gives us greater opportunity to understand more than we judge, and to love more than we hide. I believe our pain has purpose, and that true freedom and authentic, reciprocal relationship is possible. I’m a wife, mama, pastor, writer, voracious reader, teacher and prison chaplain. I love to serve on the Board of Directors for Treasures, my favorite NGO, an outreach and support ministry based in Los Angeles, to women in the sex industry.

I’m passionate about justice, and transformation in people, communities and neighborhoods. I discovered this passion over the 14 years I lived in Los Angeles, where I met and married my husband Cody, and birthed our little boy, Levi. We’re living in Harlem, NY and pastoring together on Wall Street, and I’m still committed to developing sustainable solutions to felt needs in our city, as well as advocacy for the poor and marginalized. I am hopeful that change is possible through a restorative justice model, in partnership and collaboration with others, across multiple sectors. I desire to see change at both the individual and institutional level.

The joy of my life is my family and friends. Cody and I are committed to building a strong marriage, raising our family in an urban city, eating our way through New York, and inviting everyone we can to the table. There’s always room for more.