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  • Thank you for your inspiring devotional ‘Finding God in Hard Places’. I even started a ‘God Diary’ where I wrote ideas and thoughts during my quiet moments with God according to the instructions you gave at the end of each devotional.

    God bless you,
    Natasha (UK)

    • Just wondering about how in your plan “Finding God in the hard places” you don’t specifically state that rap music is sinful but it feels heavily implied. Is all rap music sinful? Stuff that NF publishes and other Christian rappers has a different story, I was wondering your thoughts on this.

      • Hi Lucy! No way 🙂 – I still listen to rap, as I said in the devotional – I love that genre of music. I know some Christians think rap music is sinful, but I am not one of them. I did cut out songs where women were referred to in a derogatory way, or there were ideologies that made me feel bad about myself or others. Whatever I listen to, across any genre, that’s true for me. Thank you for reaching out to ask! ❤️❤️

  • I started reading “God in the Hard Places” on my iPad (YouVersion Bible). on day 2 the scriptures should be Isiah 7:14 and not Isiah 7:4 which is listed in the plan.

  • Thank you for Finding God in Hard Places!…very helpful and uplifting…a good reminder of truths that can get buried under the weight of difficult times and hard places. I hope you dont mind, I would like to share one thing with you…re Eugene Peterson’s book, I went through it and although most of the things he says are good, there is a sprinkling of something else. Even his title is borrowed from Nietzsche. His Message version also omits whole parts of Scripture so I am wary of anything coming from him. Mixture is where trouble starts when it comes to the Word. God bless you…us…on our journeys.

  • Finding God In Hard Places rocks!!!!! I cannot begin to describe how on target this was and is in my life. A friend recommended it and told me “every time I read this woman’s devotionals, she reminds me of you. Because both you have a way with words and a way with telling the pure unadulterated truth” What a sigh of relief to know you are out there Ash! I thank Yeshua for you and your family! Thank you for helping me build my faith, pull me out of discouragement and inspire me once again! Blessings to your ministry my sistah! I would love to hear you in person one day 😆

    • Shanetra, I love you already, and I hope we can meet in person someday :). Thank you for this encouragement, and thank you for being a truth-teller. I pray the Lord bless you as you live out your daily life, with love, and grace, and truth. Sending you a big hug!

  • Love God and love people. It’s so simple and what I tell anyone who asks about my faith, particularly the unbelievers.

    What I’d tell my 30 year old self:
    Break your kids’ will but not their spirit now because when they’re 19 it’s too late to make them fear you. Don’t miss the boat on instilling the Fear of God in your children even if your husband is an unbeliever and isn’t the spiritual head of the household . Don’t engage in every statement your husband makes, do what they do and selectively listen. Dig deep into the meaning of In Christ Alone and the faster you embrace it the easier EVERYTHING will be. Let go of expectations. You have everything you need. Unforgiveness is poison. You always have a choice and the ability and power with Jesus to make the right one.

  • Hello, I must say that your devotion “Finding God in the hard places ” is such a healing for me right now you have no idea. Thank you and may God continue to bless you always!!!

  • I’m officially on my last day of Finding God in the Hard Places and I must say this 7 day plan has made a huge impact on my life and my perspective and my relationship with God has grown stronger. I’m so very grateful, I’m so attached to this plan that I keep re reading the other plans back to back and will continue until it fully soaks into my spirit as if it’s second nature. I have been on youversion for years and this will be my 50th plan and out or those 50 plans, I have connected with yours the most. So I thank God for you and pray that he continues to bless you with wisdom and strength because you have been a blessing to me. Thank you so much words can’t explain.

  • Hi Ashley! I loved your devotional “Finding God in the Hard Places”. It has helped me dive deeper into my faith and grow in God’s word. Let me know if you’ll be doing another one, it was super inspirational! Best Wishes, Rachel

  • Hi Ashley,
    I’m in currently reading your devotional on YOUVERSION, “Finding God in the Hard places”. Thank you for a devotional that is honest, it is such a timely reading for this season in my life.

    (Ontario, Canada)

    • Hi Sheryll! Thank you for sharing! I love hearing from people who are going through this, and I am so honored that I get to journey with you. Sending you lots of love!

  • The 7 day plan on youversion may have an error. I think it is supposed to be Isaiah 7:14 not Isaiah 7:4 for the last verse on the 2nd day.. Just so ya know 😉

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! After it’s posted, we’re unable to go back in and change it, unfortunately!

  • Love your Finding God in the hard places. I am so thankful for the practice at the bottom of each devotional.

  • WOW! Your plan helped me fight through the challenges I am facing as a new college student. I am struck which what you taught about justice, pride, and suffering. I have many issues with my personal health and family. I wanted that about leaving God, but realizing that there is something worth holding onto. Thank you.

    • How beautiful Chaida – I am so grateful to be part of your journey – praying for you, as you endure this season, and may God grace you and bless you as you seek Him!

  • I love your devotional Finding God in Hard Places! I’m on the 5th day- your thoughts have helped me put my emotions to words for my family & friends who are helping me in a tough season.

    I was looking for more published works from you & found your website! If you ever decide to author a book, I’ll be there with bells & whistles on!


    • WHOO HOO! My first book comes out next Fall :). Thank you so much for sharing this, and it’s my honor to journey with you!

  • I found your site after completing the “Finding God In The Hard Places” plan. Thank you for sharing your words and insight – most of them hit really deeply and hopefully I can make the right choices in due time.

  • Ashley- I am a fellow author, blogger, YouVersion partner etc- I just wanted to let you know I finished you devo on Finding God In the Hard Places and God spoke mightily through it to me. I’m in a herd season right now and your personable writing style along with your sage thoughts was refreshing and timely. I’m not a usual 5-star gal but your devo deserved 6! I know in the career we’re in that too often our words go out into the masses and we get little feedback, you need to know what your writing God is using and it’s helped this sister in a big way this week. Thank you!
    ~ Bethany Douglas

    • Bethany! You made my day! thank you for your kind words – I am so grateful!! Grace to you as you continue to serve people with your words and wisdom.

  • Ashely, I’m part of the Web Development Team at YouVersion. We picked your Bible Plan “Finding God In The Hard Places” to study together with some of our volunteers. I’m only on Day 2, but I LOVE your writing style. God is speaking to me through your words. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you Michael! This made my day, and means so much coming from someone on the team. Grateful to journey with you, and am encouraged by your words!

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