Change creates chaos. If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer control over chaos. In the digital age we live in, our pace is often faster than our capacity. We find ourselves running at break neck speeds, when all of sudden, a change comes that triggers anxiety, fear, panic and paralysis. We feel confused and disoriented, wondering, God, where are you? Let’s learn together how to find God in the change, in this 7-day Youversion Bible App devotional.


“Where are you, God?” has been a through line in Ashley’s life story. If you’re feeling a little out of control and crazy, you’re not alone. In the midst of the crazy, God can be found whether you’re celebrating, suffering, transitioning, or bored completely out of your mind. Through this seven-day devotional, Finding God in the Hard Places, Ashley hopes to help you engage with God wherever you are. Let’s practice finding Him together.

What on Earth are you here to do? What is your purpose? Calling is one of those huge words, and from birth, we’re asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” We all want to live a life of significance. Check out this video if you’re wondering what in the world you’re here for.

The forgiveness struggle is REAL, but without forgiveness, we can never fully move forward. Learn how to let go, and move forward in your life, relationships and faith.

Expression 58 in Los Angeles is a life-giving, vibrant, diverse community of people committed to having the difficult conversations the church is avoiding. Ashley was privileged to participate in their Conversation Night on Racism, with some of her heroes.

Listen to Entrepreneur and Coach Dawn Sadler interview Ashley on her podcast, Your Purpose is Calling. This episode is called, Loving Well in Turbulent Times, and Ashley will help you navigate the world we live in, and help you love the (literal) hell out of others.

Listen to Ashley teach a Sunday message at Expression 58 in Los Angeles, called Kneel Down For What? What happens to our world if pride leads the way? Learn the importance of humility in being an agent for change.

Good Deeds by Ashley Abercrombie