Unspoken Class System

sub·tle  adj \ˈsə-təl\ 1 a : delicate, elusive  b : difficult to understand or perceive : obscure 2 a : perceptive, refined  b : having or marked by keen insight and ability to… Continue reading

To Bourgeois or Not to Bourgeouis

I have a confession:  I used to watch 90210.  Religiously… well, until Dawson’s Creek, but that’s for another embarrassing blog.  The drama between Dylan and Shannon, the oddly matched Beverly Hills Fashionably Fabulous… Continue reading

No pain, No gain

This photo was taken at the height of my basketball career.  At the YMCA, my opponents went down in a blaze of glory as I dominated the court like Goliath on a rampage… Continue reading

The Battle Against Breast Cancer

I can’t think of anything worse than cancer.  I’ve got a lot of years left to live and I am pretty young in the context of 80 years, so maybe someday I will… Continue reading

Meet Harmony Dust

Last night during worship, I was praying for my friend Harmony Dust, who was sharing a part of her story that she’s – in a few ways – still living.  “What joy, What… Continue reading

The Power of Love

The power of love is not just the greatest Celine Dion song ever written. The power of love is redemptive.  Love saves, rescues, sets free.  Love restores honor, worth, and reputation.  Love is… Continue reading

Personal Heroes & History Makers

CT Studd:  “Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.” Mother Teresa: “Do not think that love,… Continue reading

My Rap Sheet

There are many things I love about my childhood.  Many of those memories involve my mom and my Aunt Fairy.  My mom chose to go against the racial grain in our family and… Continue reading

Ineffective Noise

Downtown LA is a wild place.  When I moved here close to ten years ago, its the first place I lived.  Olympic and Flower was my neighborhood where I survived all the riots… Continue reading

Fighting for our Crappy Lives

Perhaps you remember this scene from the best movie of the year. I realize it is highly inappropriate, but all three times I’ve seen it, the airplane scene in Bridesmaids gives me an… Continue reading