Gang Docs

I left the world of entertainment opportunity a little over a year ago to take my dream job.  I help people for a living.  If you compare the potential of what I left… Continue reading

Why I love Lisa Ling

For starters, I loved Channel One.  Something about journalism has always appealed to me.  My love for human interest stories stems from my love for people, writing, and drinking in a moment. Thanks… Continue reading

Man Food

My favorite cookbook since becoming a wife is a book called “Mad Hungry” – it’s written by Martha Stewart’s Food Director and to my liking, is not impossibly girly and overwhelmingly colorful.  It… Continue reading

Young Men

Our leadership team arrived at the Oasis for Saturday Outreach last week after a Youth lock-in.  There were sleeping teens everywhere… on the floor, on the couches, sitting up in a chair, in… Continue reading


A year ago, I landed my dream job…  I help people for a living.  Last night at Alexandria House in Korea Town, we celebrated 20 graduates from 10 to 40-somethings who overcame insurmountable… Continue reading