Get Educated, Practice Soul Care, Get Involved, Have Integrity.

So, things are a little intense right now. How are you? I wish we could grab a giant cup of coffee, and talk about all the things happening in the world, and in… Continue reading

Fighting for Your Dreams

I just finished the newest episode of one of my favorite shows, Blackish. I love the whiskey drinking, truth-telling Grandfather, and he’s taking the time to explain to his grandson, Andre Jr., the… Continue reading

Top 10 Gifts to Give in the New Year

Reflection is a useful tool as we navigate life. Sitting still long enough to remember, to feel, to think and meditate, helps us enter a new season with greater strength. Otherwise, we’re prone… Continue reading

Breaking Through the Noise

Remember when we could wear sweatpants to the airport? I am not talking about matching sweats; I am talking about actual sweats – gloriously hideous, older than sin, and terribly inappropriate for public outings,… Continue reading

For the Difficult Days

It took me a while to place my feet on the floor this morning. There are times when I am weary of rising, of getting up again, of fighting. Nayyirah Waheed, the prolific poet… Continue reading

Life at the Table

My memory often fails me, but when it does not, the pictures are vivid, the smells pungent; I can feel the moment in my body. I recall entering my childhood home after school,… Continue reading

Racism, Politics and Relationship

Last week, I got off the train near the Freedom Tower on Fulton, to walk to our office. Help me Jesus, but my “excuse me” shrunk from a polite, high-pitched suggestion, to a low-toned… Continue reading

Hello, from New York

“I thought this was a two bedroom?” I asked. “It’s a flex apartment, and this one used to be an office. So, you know, like cubicles,” she said, as if I were completely dense,… Continue reading

The Strongest Commitment I’ve Made

First of all, I must give you something immediately, because a thing this good cannot be hoarded. Plus, you can click on it, and enjoy it while you read, and make all your… Continue reading

Why I will Never Vote for Trump

I rarely post anything political. I watch debates, read articles, engage in the issues, and I keep it to myself. I’ll share with close friends, or kindly with anyone asking, but politics tend to polarize… Continue reading