A Tale of PTSD & The Second Birth

Y’all, I know nobody wants to read about my labor story, but I thought you might need a good laugh. (Trust me, it’s good. Even better than last time.) I hope this will… Continue reading

Oh, Sister, Sister

I was on the train a few weeks ago, and for the second time in one day, someone got up to let me have their seat, and a grown man took it. The… Continue reading

Life in a Mom Bun

Oh sister, you know those mornings where you don’t actually look at yourself before you leave the house? The ones where you wake up a little late, stumbling around without coffee, changing diapers,… Continue reading

Surrender: The Key to Courage

Every evening, as we go through the bedtime routine with our son, we watch him play at bath time, then beg us to stay in the tub and swim. We move to the bedroom, where… Continue reading

10 Nuggets of Wisdom from 36 Years

Today, I am 36 years old, AKA four years from 40, which means I’ve got approximately half my life left. I love growing older, even though my white skin wrinkles and betrays me. Okay,… Continue reading

Get Educated, Practice Soul Care, Get Involved, Have Integrity.

So, things are a little intense right now. How are you? I wish we could grab a giant cup of coffee, and talk about all the things happening in the world, and in… Continue reading

Fighting for Your Dreams

I just finished the newest episode of one of my favorite shows, Blackish. I love the whiskey drinking, truth-telling Grandfather, and he’s taking the time to explain to his grandson, Andre Jr., the… Continue reading

Top 10 Gifts to Give in the New Year

Reflection is a useful tool as we navigate life. Sitting still long enough to remember, to feel, to think and meditate, helps us enter a new season with greater strength. Otherwise, we’re prone… Continue reading

Breaking Through the Noise

Remember when we could wear sweatpants to the airport? I am not talking about matching sweats; I am talking about actual sweats – gloriously hideous, older than sin, and terribly inappropriate for public outings,… Continue reading

For the Difficult Days

It took me a while to place my feet on the floor this morning. There are times when I am weary of rising, of getting up again, of fighting. Nayyirah Waheed, the prolific poet… Continue reading