This Little Light of Mine

I chased my son down the aisles and between the pews at the small church where I attend Bible study. His blonde hair flapped behind him and he wobbled from side to side, crashing… Continue reading

When Your Plans are Wrecked

I think the plague came to our home. Today is the first day someone in our household isn’t throwing up. I will spare you the other details, but let’s just say, if I… Continue reading

My Boobs are Shrinking

My boobs are shrinking. In 14 months, I have had to change bra size three times and bras cost a freaking fortune. What do you mean $65.00? For a bra? Who made this?… Continue reading

Insecurity Ruins Everything

All my life I have loved music. My mom says my singing career was born through Jump, by the Pointer Sisters. It would come on MTV and I would run in front of the… Continue reading

The Abercrombies Do Hawaii

Getaways are necessary. (Even if it’s a personal day to lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Not that I have done that.) Without space to think, to process, to reflect, it’s easy to… Continue reading

Racism and Reconciliation

“My premise begins with the belief that God resides in every human being. And I think at the core, privilege is an othering of people. It is an othering of people that is… Continue reading

Choosing Integrity Over Image

I struggled with an eating disorder for four years. In order to maintain some semblance of order, I controlled my thoughts and feelings through binging and purging. I lived behind a mask, pretending… Continue reading

Vlog: Encouragement from Cody Abercrombie

“Do you know how to tell if someone needs to be encouraged? …Are they breathing?” Truett Cathy, Chickfila Cody is an incredible communicator. Hilarious, honest and he makes everyone feel good about themselves. He… Continue reading

My Joy List

These are tumultuous days we live in and sometimes, we have to choose our focus. It doesn’t mean we abandon reality or abdicate our responsibilities, but we make an intentional choice to celebrate the… Continue reading

When God says Go

Yesterday, I polished off a pint of ice cream. Strauss. Vanilla Chocolate Chip. Two hours earlier, I ate a giant chocolate chip cookie from Lemonade. I texted my husband and told him I… Continue reading