Life at the Table

My memory often fails me, but when it does not, the pictures are vivid, the smells pungent; I can feel the moment in my body. I recall entering my childhood home after school,… Continue reading

Racism, Politics and Relationship

Last week, I got off the train near the Freedom Tower on Fulton, to walk to our office. Help me Jesus, but my “excuse me” shrunk from a polite, high-pitched suggestion, to a low-toned… Continue reading

Hello, from New York

“I thought this was a two bedroom?” I asked. “It’s a flex apartment, and this one used to be an office. So, you know, like cubicles,” she said, as if I were completely dense,… Continue reading

The Strongest Commitment I’ve Made

First of all, I must give you something immediately, because a thing this good cannot be hoarded. Plus, you can click on it, and enjoy it while you read, and make all your… Continue reading

Why I will Never Vote for Trump

I rarely post anything political. I watch debates, read articles, engage in the issues, and I keep it to myself. I’ll share with close friends, or kindly with anyone asking, but politics tend to polarize… Continue reading

This Little Light of Mine

I chased my son down the aisles and between the pews at the small church where I attend Bible study. His blonde hair flapped behind him and he wobbled from side to side, crashing… Continue reading

When Your Plans are Wrecked

I think the plague came to our home. Today is the first day someone in our household isn’t throwing up. I will spare you the other details, but let’s just say, if I… Continue reading

My Boobs are Shrinking

My boobs are shrinking. In 14 months, I have had to change bra size three times and bras cost a freaking fortune. What do you mean $65.00? For a bra? Who made this?… Continue reading

Insecurity Ruins Everything

All my life I have loved music. My mom says my singing career was born through Jump, by the Pointer Sisters. It would come on MTV and I would run in front of the… Continue reading

The Abercrombies Do Hawaii

Getaways are necessary. (Even if it’s a personal day to lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Not that I have done that.) Without space to think, to process, to reflect, it’s easy to… Continue reading