Racism and Reconciliation

“My premise begins with the belief that God resides in every human being. And I think at the core, privilege is an othering of people. It is an othering of people that is… Continue reading

Choosing Integrity Over Image

I struggled with an eating disorder for four years. In order to maintain some semblance of order, I controlled my thoughts and feelings through binging and purging. I lived behind a mask, pretending… Continue reading

Vlog: Encouragement from Cody Abercrombie

“Do you know how to tell if someone needs to be encouraged? …Are they breathing?” Truett Cathy, Chickfila Cody is an incredible communicator. Hilarious, honest and he makes everyone feel good about themselves. He… Continue reading

My Joy List

These are tumultuous days we live in and sometimes, we have to choose our focus. It doesn’t mean we abandon reality or abdicate our responsibilities, but we make an intentional choice to celebrate the… Continue reading

When God says Go

Yesterday, I polished off a pint of ice cream. Strauss. Vanilla Chocolate Chip. Two hours earlier, I ate a giant chocolate chip cookie from Lemonade. I texted my husband and told him I… Continue reading

Love is the Final Fight

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Martin Luther King Jr. I met a man… Continue reading

34 Thoughts from 34 Years

Me, on February 12, 1981. (If you think this is the largest three day old you have ever seen, you are right.) Today, I am 34 years old. This is my first birthday… Continue reading

Life is Brutifal

One of my favorite memories is sitting in the back of the choir room with a few of my friends in high school talking and singing Xscape songs. I owe hours of detention with Dr.… Continue reading

Everything is Gonna be Alright

Decorating our Chrismas tree is a big deal. I have attached unhealthy expectations and unneccessary pressure to that day. Christmas music, Christmas movies, spiked hot cider, laughter, memories and a partridge in a… Continue reading

Love is Changing Me

Life is busy, isn’t it? Overwhelming, at times. Nurturing this gorgeous baby boy with a personality larger than life alongside my husband has been a welcome respite. I confess to you I have not… Continue reading