Pregnancy Thus Far

I want to know where you were when the Earthquake hit six days ago. If you’re wondering where I was, it was on the toilet. Of course. Pregnant people pee every twenty minutes; even… Continue reading

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Look, I’m no Gordon Ramsey. For a few reasons: I stopped using the F-word, I have absolutely no reason to make people feel like idiots in the kitchen, and I cannot cook beef… Continue reading

Human Persons

Powerful. See you at the Orpheum on February 21st.

Putting Fun Back in Your Life

It is hard to be human. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Sometimes I think to myself, Self, how are you still alive and breathing? Earlier this year, I struggled to… Continue reading

Is Your Neighbor a Terrorist?

Los Angeles is my home. Its Hollywood and hipster, immigrant and homeless, risky and gritty. I love every facet of our city. Recently, I attended a LAPD Captain’s Roundtable with Captain Eric Davis.… Continue reading

Breaking The Entitlement Generation

Glenn Beck recently devoted an entire show to the entitlement generation in our society. We thrive on inflated praise, strive not for greatness, but to prove we are better, smarter and faster. We… Continue reading

AFRICA in Photos

I fell in love with Africa. We traveled to three countries, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa, with an organization called Children’s Cup. The missionaries, directors and leaders are brilliant, with a unique passion… Continue reading

Off to Africa

Today I leave for Africa. Per usual, my luggage is not packed, but it’s contents are spread across three rooms in our apartment. I’ve taken my vitamins and just washed down my first… Continue reading

What We’ve Learned about Marriage

Marriage is fun. Who knew?! There are horror stories about the first few years of marriage, but 742 days after saying “I do”, our adventure continues. My husband leads with humility. He’s often… Continue reading

My First Purchase in a Year

Thanks to my mother, I am a classic Bargain Betty. If there is a deal to be found on a clothing or shoe rack, I will find it. I take special pride in… Continue reading