You Don’t Have to Lie to Live + a few other things I wish I’d known

I am three years from 40 – watch out world, I am getting too old to mess around. Okay, I never really messed around, but I have some costly wisdom under my belt,… Continue reading

How to Wear Make-Up when You’re almost 40

What had happened was, I went to speak in Los Angeles, had the time of my life, and then saw some photos of myself, looking like I didn’t have one drop of make-up… Continue reading

#MeToo #TimesUp

“I don’t actually know a woman in my life who has not experienced some type of unwanted sexual encounter, at some point in her life. I literally am sitting here trying to think… Continue reading

Love (You know, the opposite of Anger)

A few months back, Cody and I were a little testy with each other. Our newborn had a cold (so did his mama) and was up every few hours to feed. Our eldest… Continue reading

Advent: Peace & Joy (Plus, Once Upon a Time when I set Goals)

When I was younger, I set goals. Quarterly goals, annual goals, five-year plans, ten-year plans, strategies for my career, for ending a global injustice, you get the idea. I wish some of my… Continue reading

Advent: Hope

As I sit here, watching season two of the Crown, (episode two is starting – I am beside myself about this boys club ballerina situation), I struggle to think of a recent occasion… Continue reading

How to be an Advocate (Video)

Hello dear friends; I’ve been missing you. I blinked, and it’s December. I remember when the old folks would talk about how time flies, and I would roll my eyes, and wish I… Continue reading

A Tale of PTSD & The Second Birth

Y’all, I know nobody wants to read about my labor story, but I thought you might need a good laugh. (Trust me, it’s good. Even better than last time.) I hope this will… Continue reading

Oh, Sister, Sister

I was on the train a few weeks ago, and for the second time in one day, someone got up to let me have their seat, and a grown man took it. The… Continue reading

Life in a Mom Bun

Oh sister, you know those mornings where you don’t actually look at yourself before you leave the house? The ones where you wake up a little late, stumbling around without coffee, changing diapers,… Continue reading