Marriage & Motherhood: Tips & Tools (Part 2)

Time for Part Two of Marriage and Motherhood. These are the top questions women ask me, and as I said in part one, I am no expert, but friend to friend, and mom… Continue reading

Motherhood & Marriage: Tips & Tools (Part 1)

Motherhood is no joke. Doesn’t matter where you live, what your economic bracket is, whether you have adopted children, birthed babies, or are preparing for babies on the fertility journey, it’s the best… Continue reading

A Letter of Love to My Sisters

Today is International Women’s Day, and I am thinking of you, you wonderful woman, whatever your age, my sister, no matter our differences. My heart is filled with gratitude, as I reflect on… Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Lie to Live + a few other things I wish I’d known

I am three years from 40 – watch out world, I am getting too old to mess around. Okay, I never really messed around, but I have some costly wisdom under my belt,… Continue reading

How to Wear Make-Up when You’re almost 40

What had happened was, I went to speak in Los Angeles, had the time of my life, and then saw some photos of myself, looking like I didn’t have one drop of make-up… Continue reading

#MeToo #TimesUp

“I don’t actually know a woman in my life who has not experienced some type of unwanted sexual encounter, at some point in her life. I literally am sitting here trying to think… Continue reading

Love (You know, the opposite of Anger)

A few months back, Cody and I were a little testy with each other. Our newborn had a cold (so did his mama) and was up every few hours to feed. Our eldest… Continue reading

Advent: Peace & Joy (Plus, Once Upon a Time when I set Goals)

When I was younger, I set goals. Quarterly goals, annual goals, five-year plans, ten-year plans, strategies for my career, for ending a global injustice, you get the idea. I wish some of my… Continue reading

Advent: Hope

As I sit here, watching season two of the Crown, (episode two is starting – I am beside myself about this boys club ballerina situation), I struggle to think of a recent occasion… Continue reading

How to be an Advocate (Video)

Hello dear friends; I’ve been missing you. I blinked, and it’s December. I remember when the old folks would talk about how time flies, and I would roll my eyes, and wish I… Continue reading